A list of Officers of Supporters of Nuclear Energy.


  • Chairman: Neville Chamberlain MBE
  • Secretary: Professor Wade Allison
  • Treasurer: Ian McFarlane


The above list plus:

  • John Assheton
  • Adrian Bull MBE
  • Gerald E Clark
  • Professor J.A. Simmons
  • Robin Smith
  • Professor Anton van der Merwe
  • Paul Spare
  • Dr W L Wilkinson CBE FRS


  • Dr Gordon Adams
  • Lord Clitheroe
  • Giles Chichester
  • Lord Cunningham of Felling PC DL
  • John Edmonds
  • Lord Jordan of Bourneville CBE
  • Damon de Laszlo
  • Professor James Lovelock CH CBE FRS
  • Lady McApline
  • Lady Marshall
  • Ann Robinson
  • Lord Taverne QC
  • Viscount Weir


We invite you to join us in promoting such a debate because the national interest requires a substantial nuclear contribution to an environmentally acceptable mix of energy supplies. Without secure energy supplies when they are needed, we cannot maintain our people in work, our prosperity or lifestyle or generate the resources needed to protect our environment.