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December Newsletter No250

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Nuclear and the UK Electoral Challenge on Dec 12

It is time to get the message out!

All General Election candidates have received an open letter organised by the Nuclear Industry Association and signed by many familiar names. You can read it by clicking here.  Though it reads well, it lets the “renewables” off too lightly, I argue.

A longer essay taking a tougher line and sweeping up Greta Thunberg too Climate Change is here. There is no room to doubt either ...

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November Newsletter No249

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Communicating The Nuclear Message in a Changing Landscape

It had been our intention to issue a Press Release at the time of the Annual General Meeting, urging the Government to increase investment in nuclear power.

However, methods of communication change and reaching the Government – or anybody else who is not listening – have become increasingly challenging. We should agree that modern communication media are revolutionary in finding and delivering what you want to know.

Unfortunately, in supplying this cornucopia of information, they ...

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