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June Newsletter No235

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Rehabilitating Nuclear Power

Attitudes are persistent. We do not enjoy reconsidering negative ones or those of long standing. Yet, slowly but ominously developing problems on this overcrowded planet demand that some current attitudes be questioned. To thrive civilisation needs plentiful energy and confidence. However, the most concentrated source of energy is nuclear, but it is not trusted. Why is that, and how might the distrust be overcome?

Energy needs to be affordable, secure and reliable. Gas may be cheap, ...

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May Newsletter No234

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An article published in the Yorkshire Post on March 7, 2018

Bernard Ingham, Former Hon. Sec.

Let us give thanks that the “Blast from the West” is slowly evicting the “Beast from the East” from these shores. We have had a lucky escape, even though the beast has not generally been unduly beastly as British winters go.

That is why we should worry about the future. If our recent gas supply was so stretched that industry had to be paid ...

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