About SONE

SUPPORTERS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY (SONE) is a group of individuals of many different disciplines, interests and backgrounds. They have one objective:

AS AN INDEPENDENT BODY TO SECURE progress towards ensuring that the UK is firmly committed to having a programme of new nuclear power plants to deliver affordable, reliable and low-carbon electricity to homes and businesses.

SONE members believe that:

  1. Nuclear energy is a safe, reliable, economic and environmentally acceptable way of providing electricity.
  2. Nuclear energy is, on present knowledge, essential to the world’s continued development if serious climatic changes are to be avoided.

These beliefs are underpinned by three convictions: 

  • Nuclear energy must not only be safe but also seen to be safe and permitted to manage its waste properly.
  • Nuclear energy must be able to compete on equal terms with other sources of energy while maintaining the highest levels of safety.
  • Nuclear energy must be subject of an open and honest dialogue with the public.


We invite you to join us in promoting such a debate because the national interest requires a substantial nuclear contribution to an environmentally acceptable mix of energy supplies. Without secure energy supplies when they are needed, we cannot maintain our people in work, our prosperity or lifestyle or generate the resources needed to protect our environment.


Nuclear – mature technology for our energy future

After nearly 50 years’ experience in Britain of safe nuclear generation of electricity, we know that nuclear power can provide long term security for the nation. Security of supply is the fundamental case for nuclear as a safe, reliable, clean and economic source of electricity.

We also know that expectations of the energy to be derived from renewable sources – wind, waves, tides, solar etc – look ever more optimistic. So, too, do the savings to be secured from energy conservation and greater efficiency in its use.

Nuclear is crucial to meeting increasing demand for power and the exceptionally challenging, if not impossible, targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to which the nation has committed itself. Nuclear emits next to no greenhouse gases, even taking everything from mining uranium to decommissioning and waste management into account, and when it was generating up to a third of the nation’s electricity it was avoiding the production of well over 50m tones of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.

Unfortunately, because of official procrastination, nuclear is steadily contributing less to the nation’s power supply as its Magnox and AGR stations close on grounds of age. Its share of the market is now down to 12.5-15 per cent and falling and, unless nuclear power stations are replaced, will have fallen to about three per cent in little more than 10 years.

The coalition Government, like its Labour predecessor, is committed to their replacement and some 10 sites, mostly next to existing nuclear plants, have been identified for them. This policy has extensive backing from a large number of professional organisation who are seriously concerned about the adequacy of power supplies over the coming decade as old coal as well as nuclear power stations close and the security of our economic base through an over-reliance on imported gas.

SONE is dedicated to helping with nuclear’s much needed renaissance in the UK as well as across the world.

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A list of Officers of Supporters of Nuclear Energy.

Chairman: The Hon Sir William McAlpine Bt FRSE
Secretary: Harold Bolter CBE
Treasurer: Terry Westmoreland
Committee: The above list plus:
John Assheton
Adrian J Bull
Alexander Center
Neville Chamberlain CBE
Gerald Clark
James Corner
Robert Freer
Geoffrey Greenhalgh
Martin R Morland CMG
Keith Parker
Simon Rippon
Ann Robinson
Professor J A Simmons
Paul Spare
Peter Vey
Dr W L Wilkinson CBE FRS
Dr Gordon Adam
Sir Christopher Audland KCMG DL
Giles Chichester MEP
Lord Cunningham of Felling PC DL
Damon de Laszlo
John Edmonds
Professor Sir Frederick Holliday CBE FRSE
Lord Jordan of Bourneville CBE
Sir Gavin Laird CBE
Professor James Lovelock CH CBE FRS
The Hon Sir William McAlpine Bt FRSE
Lady McAlpine
Lord Maclennan of Rogart PC
Lord Marsh of Mannington PC Kt
Lady Marshall
Lord Parkinson of Carnforth
Mrs Ann Robinson
Lord Taverne QC
Lord Tombs of Brailes Kt FEng
Viscount Weir


SONE is registered as a private limited company No. 3576562