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Letter to The Irish Times

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OPINION: Fukushima frightens us all but mankind has never walked away from a technology, no matter how hard it is to master, write DAVID SOWBY and FRANK TURVEY

EVER SINCE a human being first lit a fire, humankind has striven to harness the forces of nature in ways that yielded benefits but which also carried risks.

As civilisation progressed, the benefits of any particular advance became more substantial but, by and large, so also did the risks.

But from the boiler explosions of ...

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Letter to the Irish Independent

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Professor Walton has drawn attention to the serious problem of Ireland’s future energy supply, and has pointed out the fruitlessness of relying on wind power to provide the solution.

Coincidentally, last week the high-status Irish Academy of Engineering published its important report Energy policy and economic recovery 2010-2015.

This was written by a number of eminent engineers, whose advice should be heeded by the incoming government. Among some of the Academy’s more salient warnings are:

The aim of producing 40% of electricity from ...

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